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Omg!!! @IrimeZane found a macro vore furry anime. It’s called dragon pilot. The pilots are eaten by their Dragon and fly it from the stomach.

“Learn how to properly exit the OTF. Exiting through the top half isn’t always an option, especially if you don’t learn properly.”

We had a good visit to my parents‘ house and I’m sad that it’s over already, but I’m also glad to be headed home. I miss my kitties and I miss my bed, along with people that are in Maryland.

Medication, anxiety, panic, violence 

Had to take an Ativan for our dinner stop. We stopped to see Kit’s former stepkid. last time we saw him, I got screamed and cussed at by his mom & I thought she was murdering him and had a panic attack.

The last time Kit saw him without me, he tried to steal some of our stuff and I know he abused Onyx (the cat) so I was Really ANXIOUS about being around him and Chessie being near him etc.

Thankfully dinner went very uneventfully in the pleasant sort of way.

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So @IrimeZane told me that the new t-shirt blanket quilt will be 42 squares.

My geeky heart jumped with joy a little bit.

The answer is 42 squares... and all the cuddles that will happen under them.

Was perusing online for Rose Quartz SU dresses for a potential cosplay project down the line and I was irrationally irritated by someone that felt the need to draw Rose as if she were Pearl’s size and labeled it “Skinny Rose Quartz” WHY?! Rose is beautiful as she is; why did someone feel the need to make her twiggy thin? *pouts*

I’m such a child. I can’t stop giggling internally because posts here are Toots!

Managed to figure this out (I think) despite technology going full protest on me today!


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