Are here or other artists building or other physical artwork?

Espically, are there people interested in with less common materials, suits and non-humanis body shapes?

Yay, my new zentai suit has arrived this minute

The Mastodon client i am using is "Tootle" as it comes on XUbuntu 20 in 64Bit

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As far as i can tell, other accounts who follow me here can see my toots here so the problem appears asymetric

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Good sunday to everyone

I am trying to understand and troubleshoot whats going wrong here

First problem is that i can find very few people from other instances that i know to exist, or sometimes when i have a direct link i get only "not found"

Second problem is that of many who i follow, i see none of their toots even if i know for sure that they are there and open to the public timeline

Hello fluffy World

Best wishes from a german plushpony fursuiter

My old account was on which suddenly disappeared a while ago, so i hope i have found a new home here and hope to find back old friends and make new ones


We're back baby! We are a generalist instance that is geared towards furries and furry enthusiasts. Please be sure you understand our code of conduct before joining here.