Well, I had really hoped to make a furry home mastodon server, but between being the only person running it, which caused me to not see that it was offline because of life busy, and the lack of users coming to join it. I’m not sure if I should bother keeping it running.

Pondering this for a bit.

Honestly... I blame the pandemic.. its been hard enough, but this made it harder.

and its only coming around again thanks to the unvaccinated. 😠

Next step will be to upgrade the server software.

Ok, so we have been offline for two months because the remote files cache filled up the server hard drive.

I run this instance alone, and I didnt have the money to add more storage. Thanks to a generous user, weve upgrade the storage a little.

Assuming we get local users to make it worth while to run this instance, maybe we can keep it online.

I am looking into other ways to keep it online and keep the cost down.

@cutieslate sorry it took so long to approve you. I’m all by myself here :)

Sorry for the short downtime, we have upgrade to v3.3.0

We have re-opened registration, subject to approval before being able to post.

Since added a federation relay, our federated universe expanded greatly. Unfortunately, one of them is very heavy in media files and caused our system cache to fill the disk completely. We have taken steps to prevent this in the future, but in the process of fixing it, some cached media was lost, including Profile pictures and headers.

You may need to re-upload your profile images to the server.

Evening Everyone, we've just completed an upgrade to the latest Mastodon Version. Sorry for the short interruption.

Welcome to all our new users, thanks for joining us here! We hope this instance is what your looking for!

We will be looking for people interested in helping to manage this instance in the future as we grow. 🤟

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Were back!

We had some difficulty with our server location which resulted in us being down. Due to life, the universe, and everything there was a considerable delay getting things going again which also resulted in loss of all data.

We now have a permanent new home.

PLEASE make sure you understand our code of conduct at furries.world/about/more . Also, please realize that I am the only admin right now... so complaints or other issues on the instance may take a little bit to get resolved.


We are a generalist instance that is geared towards furries and furry enthusiasts. Please be sure you understand our code of conduct before joining here.