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Welcome to furries.world! A mastodon instance. Admin members : @bast This instance is focused around the furry community, and is open to anyone interested in it. This is our rebirth and we are working on being re-federated. Our first instance did not run well at its original hosting location. It took us a bit to get a permanent location, but we should be around for a long time now. We are presently hosted in a data center in Dallas, TX. While it is open too the public, keep in mind that this is just one instance in the fediverse, and we encourage you to look at other instances available to be sure it’s the one you like. If none please you and you have some knowledge, consider setting up an instance of your own to help the mastodon network. I decided to set up an instance after spending a little time on Meow.Social from their recommendation to "help mastodon by making an instance". As such, these rules are pretty much copied from them. Ruleset About reporting If the actions of users on other instances do not match our rules, first learn about the rules of the instance to which the user belongs. You can go to the mastodon instance site and look for an "about" or "rules" section. If the rules have not been violated on the original instance, please do not check the box "Forward to -instance-". If you feel that the other instance is an issue with our community, then alert an admin so we can evaluate its link with us. Stay legal. Respect international laws. Respect laws from the country the instance is in (United States). Respect laws from the admins' country (United States). Respect laws from your own country. Be respectful. Don’t insult others, whether you say it straight to their face or not. Contents that are racist, sexist, hateful, or discriminating in any way are prohibited. Stalking and harassment is prohibited, if someone doesn’t want to have anything to do with you, leave them alone. Tag your content. CW drugs and NSFW posts and pictures, kinks must be listed in the CW. RL and gore NSFW content must be set as unlisted or followers only in addition to proper tagging in the CW. Politics, religion, and other polemical subjects must be CW accordingly. Content depicting child pornography including cartoon children/furry cubs in sexual situations/poses, or are sexually sugestive are prohibited. Accounts policy. Do not impersonate someone, unless for parody purposes (so long as you stay respectful). This includes using other peoples' artwork without permission. Parody accounts must be tagged as such clearly in their profile description. Bots must be tagged as such, and bot owners must ensure they will have a minimal impact on the instance's performance. If your handle has been taken or stolen, and you have the means to prove it yours, we will reattribute it to you. Do NOT use a "verified" status (with check-marks in your name), this right is reserved to admin accounts : prove that you are you by other external means if you wish You may not create another account on this instance if your previous account has been suspended. You may not use an avatar if it shows NSFW bits. Failure to respect any of those rules will lead to a warning, content removal, and/or suspension of your account. The admins have the absolute right to decide to delete your account for any reason. We reserve the absolute right to take any actions regarding any instances that are connected with this instance. If your instance is detrimental to the overall good functioning of Mastodon or furries.world, we reserve the right to silence or completely suspend our connections with it. You may discuss with the admins if you feel you were unfairly sanctioned (by sending us an email if your account is suspended), so long as you don’t try and force your way after the final statement has been given by them. If you require any help or need to contact us, please contact @bast About this server Uptime will be kept at the highest possible, hopefully only going down for updates.